Since 2005, Dave and I have shot weddings all over CNY, NNY, the Adirondacks, FingerLakes and even a destination wedding in Mexico! We have seen it all!

syracuse ny wedding photographersAfter seeing many stressed out brides, especially when their wedding day timeline is less than ideal, we now recommend a few important tips to our “IMcouples” [IntoMemories couples]. We have come up with a list of tried and true tips for our IMcouples to make sure they have the best wedding experience imaginable.

Since we have been through the whole process of wedding planning, getting married, actually BEING the bride and groom, the husband and wife, and now as wedding photographers, we firmly believe it is our place to offer assistance when needed. We want our IMcouples to feel comfortable, act like themselves, to enjoy time with their family & friends, have amazingly gorgeous portraits of themselves showing off their love, and of course, last but not least, have a stress-free wedding day! The Wedding Experience by Into Memories Photography is designed to do just that–give all that we possibly can (110%) to our IMcouples!

For more detailed info on The Wedding Experience by Into Memories, please contact us! We look forward to hearing from you!


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