Our process is simple: once you’re officially engaged, and you make the decision to become an IMcouple, we make it official.
We secure your wedding date. Then? We secure your engagement session.
This, my friends, makes all the difference…and is why it is such an important part of our process.

The engagement session is the golden hour of all things magical that bonds a relationship between your wedding and your wedding photographers. It is a fun time to meet, laugh, and learn. Yes, learn…you, and us…what poses we set you up in, what makes you two genuinely you. We learn from you, and you learn from us. It’s what makes the world go round. Or in this instance, it makes us super comfortable with each other, so on your wedding day you are already a pro. You’ve seen how we work, you are familiar with certain poses we may put you into, and we know the two of you.

On your wedding day, everything just flows together because we’ve already had the dress rehearsal. The engagement session is very important to our process, and creates a very intimate portrait of the two of you before you are married. Trust me when I say you will treasure your engagement photos…in a different way than you treasure your wedding photos. These lasting images portraying you two, young at heart, believing in love enough to make the jump into the journey that is marriage.

We love engagement sessions, and we know YOU will love yours. Contact us!









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