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Remember: your wedding photos are the ONLY thing left after your wedding day.
Professional photography is an investment into your future. Honestly speaking, please don’t entrust just anyone to capture your wedding day memories. Don’t let YOUR wedding be someone’s practice shoot. You put way too many hours (and money, for that matter) into planning for it, and you’ve been dreaming of this day for as long as you can remember.

Don’t regret.
Many more times than I can count, I’ve had people approach me (after they find out I’m a wedding photographer), and tell me their horror stories. About how they hired (or let) their friend/uncle/cousin/roommate photograph their wedding only to be terribly disappointed with the photos and the whole experience.
These are actual quotes I’ve heard from people about their regrets of NOT hiring a PROFESSIONAL0:
“I only got 200 photos from the entire day, and half of them were blurry.” “I never received any of my images because he just moved away, and I never heard from him again.” “They never told us what to do during the wedding day. Didn’t know how to pose us, or our large groups, and kept looking around like they didn’t know what they were doing.” “We let my friend who just bought a nice camera take our wedding pictures. He used our big day to practice, and we didn’t end up with one good photo to hang on our wall. My wife still cries at the thought of it.” “We hired a cheap photographer because we didn’t think it through. We spent more on our cake, which was gone in an hour, only to be severely disappointed with our photos.” “It took 1 year for our photographer to edit the images. We didn’t even see any of our images for 1 whole year. We still haven’t received any of them.” “We thought we were getting really cool, edgy photos. They were, for the day, “cool” but five years later, we now we have bluish glowy images of my husband and I because we got tricked into thinking cool photo filters made good photography.”  “Our wedding photos consisted mostly of the backs of people’s heads and crooked snapshots.” “My photographer was really talented, but took more photos of our wedding details than of our guests having fun. I have lots of nice images of all my table decorations, but only a handful of my friends and family.” “My cousin just started a photography business, so I let her shoot my wedding. She missed me coming down the aisle with my Dad. A moment I’ve longed to see in print since I was a little girl. She said she did capture it, but they didn’t come out right.”

I get it. 

stern226Weddings are expensive. Dave and I got engaged while I was still in my last year of college, we had just bought (and gutted) our first house, and I was only working part time. To say money was tight would be an under statement. So, when we were planning our wedding, we had to put priorities on things. Thankfully we understood how important our wedding pictures would be, and so we invested in an experienced photography team. We trusted them to capture our wedding day, and they did, beautifully. They were not cheap. We spent more than my dress, cake, flowers, invitations, and tuxes combined. But, you know what? We don’t regret it at all. We still have all those beautiful wedding photos. They are hanging on our walls. Our 3 kids ask us about them, and we pull out our wedding album and relive the day with them. That is exactly what I had envisioned all those years ago. I knew I wanted crisp, clear beautiful wedding images of us and our friends and family, done by true professionals, and that is what we received. We’ve never regretted the decision to invest in our wedding photos because we knew they weren’t just for “right now” but for the rest of our lives.

syracuse ny wedding photographers

It’s all in the details.
We call it “The Wedding Experience” because although your actual wedding is one day, the process of wedding planning can be daunting. There is so much to do, and so many decisions to make! This rings so true to me, personally, because I remember what was important for me when I was a bride, planning for my own wedding. So, I make sure my IMbrides get the absolute best experience starting from the beginning, and throughout the whole planning process, the wedding day and beyond. Dave and I have shot over 100 weddings together, so we’ve seen almost every possible thing go wrong, and have dealt with it with grace and professionalism. I know it’s the little details that help make things just a little bit easier. I ask for the bride’s (and groom’s) input, their ideas, to make their experience as customized as possible to make their dreams a reality. With Dave and I, it’s so much more than just wedding photography, we care about the whole experience–The Wedding Experience.

So…What should you do next?
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syracuse ny wedding photographers

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